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Press Release

Quickoffice Unveils Connected Office Service Through Cloud Storage

Enables Remote Access to, Dropbox, Apple MobileMe and Google Docs

Cloud Computing on Ulitzer

Quickoffice announces Quickoffice Connect, allowing on-the-go mobile users access to content anywhere, anytime. Quickoffice Connect is part of the company's vision to deliver mobile cloud services across the major mobile operating system platforms. Quickoffice partnered with multiple popular online collaboration and content management providers, including, Dropbox, Apple MobileMe and Google Docs, to deliver the most consolidated access and simplified remote management of files directly from one's smartphone. Users are able to search, preview and manage files to multiple storage services through a single, integrated, easy-to-use application.

"Consumers want to be able to access and manage their digital content anywhere, anytime, through a seamless experience," said Alan Masarek, CEO at Quickoffice. "We foresee mobile cloud services driving the next-generation mobile office, as this is the number one request from our customers. Quickoffice Connect is the first step in delivering the service needed in today's mobile environment, driving our company to the next level of corporate and product growth."

Quickoffice Connect delivers an unparalleled level of remote file access and management. Once users register the service, they gain immediate access to the Quickoffice Connect mobile application and the online portal. Quickoffice Connect is currently available on iPhone and will quickly be released on the other major mobile operating system platforms, including Android, Symbian, Palm webOS, and BlackBerry. The service enables users to access files in the cloud and store locally on the device for offline use. The Web site,, offers a powerful, robust online destination where users can access, search and share files. In addition to the cloud services, Quickoffice Connect users can also share files via email.

" is excited to make our Quickoffice integration available to the more than 50,000 businesses on our Cloud Content Management platform," said Aaron Levie, CEO and co-founder at "Business users love Box because we make it easy to share, manage and access content from anywhere and our open platform connects customers to best-of-breed applications on every platform. Using Quickoffice, Box users now have the best tools to access, edit and share files on-the-go."

"Dropbox is a simple and easy way to share files across computers and with other people, and with Quickoffice it is more useful than ever," said Drew Houston, CEO and co-founder at Dropbox. "Using the new release of Quickoffice, Dropbox's four million users can now edit and update the office documents on their computers directly from their favorite smartphone. This integration is a powerful example of the kinds of applications that are possible as Dropbox moves the desktop into the cloud."

In the near future, Quickoffice will further develop its connected services to include additional key capabilities. The Quickoffice Connect product roadmap will initially focus on three core components: access, edit and share. Within these three functions, users will receive multiple services seamlessly integrated in one application interface. These services will enable dynamic new functionality such as the ability to browse, search, edit and create documents and sync back to its original source in one easy step. As the services continue to grow and expand, Quickoffice Connect will provide a robust gateway for the management and utilization of the user's personal and business content.

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