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Tilera to Double Processor Cores Every Two Years for Cloud Computing

Roadmap to Enable 10,000 Cores per-Rack Today, 20,000 Cores in 2011, and 40,000 Cores by 2013

Tilera Corporation on Tuesday announced its plans to double the number of cores on a chip and in turn doubling the compute per-rack every two years. Today, cloud computing is restricted by legacy x86 processors that consume a lot of power while providing minimal performance improvements across generations. Tilera, not restricted by legacy cores, is working in collaboration with top cloud computing vendors and providing the highest performance-per-watt processors that dramatically reduces OPEX for datacenters and cloud computing operators.

A natural fit for cloud computing workloads, Tilera's TILEPro64™ processor was selected by Quanta Computer Inc. to create the world's best performance-per-watt cloud server, packing 512 cores in a 2U server under 400 watts. Next year, Tilera will bring to market the TILE-Gx family with 100 cores in 40 nm process technology, and in 2013, Tilera will offer its 200-core processor, codenamed Stratton, in 28 nm. These products will enable customers to provide 20,000 cores per-rack in 2011 and 40,000 cores per-rack by 2013.

Tilera's innovations in adding many cores on the same processor, providing full cache coherency across those cores, supporting virtualization, and distributing resources through its iMesh™ technology, are the fundamental components needed for the new computing era. Combined with the open source revolution and the parallel nature of cloud applications, Tilera's processors provide the right platform for cloud computing. Today, a server using one TILEPro64 processor and consuming 50 watts provides the same performance as a dual-socket Intel Xeon 5500 server consuming 250 watts.

"Providing multiples of performance density and power efficiency in a standard environment is a significant breakthrough that will take cloud computing to the next level," said Mark J. Barrenechea, SGI CEO. "SGI has been a pioneer in disruptive datacenters technologies. We are working with Tilera to bring this compelling technology to our customers across HPC, cloud, and government market segments."

"Yesterday's solutions of bigger and higher frequency cores have become today's power and density problems. Tilera is providing the new thinking that solves these fundamental issues and allows cloud computing to grow unbounded," said Omid Tahernia, President and CEO, Tilera Corporation. "Tilera's technology integrates hundreds of general purpose cores on the same chip, with cache coherence, virtualization, and high speed I/O. Our products are providing breakthrough density today and we will double that with every generation."

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