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Cloud Facilitators: A New Route to Market for Cloud Vendors

Customers are turning to a new wave of Cloud Facilitator to help guide them through Cloud-based consulting

As Cloud Computing moves into the large enterprise and becomes an embedded part of IT and the business, customers are turning to a new wave of Cloud Facilitator to help guide them through Cloud-based consulting, implementation and management challenges.

Cloud Facilitators like Acumen, Appirio, Astadia, Bluewolf, Cloud Sherpas, CoreMatrix, Global One, Model Metrics and Revevol (among others) provide a range of services that help clients move to the Cloud. These include business and IT consulting related to Cloud strategy, implementation and integration, custom development, and Cloudsourcing. Cloudsourcing is the key business innovation of new wave Facilitators, weaving together and innovating on partner Cloud solutions, platforms and infrastructure and charging for these services on both a project and subscription basis.

In addition, the firms are key routes to market for pure-play Cloud Computing vendors like Google and This Strategic Perspective outlines why new Cloud Facilitators are emerging, the types of services Cloud Facilitators provide and how these companies will change the broader SI landscape.

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